Dynostar Models D50i and D50ECB

Product information Dynostar Models D50i and D50ECB

Dynostar model D50の特徴は【ローコスト、ハイパフォーマンス】です。
model D50シリーズはDynostarの最新モデルです。

Dynostar Model D50i


Dynostar Model D50ECB



Technical specifications Dynostar Model D50i

基本パッケージ ¥2,090,000〜

 Weight:  300kg
 Dimensions (LxWxH):  2.21x0.62x0.75(m)
 Power requirements  230V 2A
 Air requirements  6 bar
 Max. speed  300 km/h
 Drum width:  0.25 m
 Drum diameter:  0.39 m
 Number of drums:  1
 Total inertia:  4.43 kgu
 Equivalent vehicle mass:  116.5 kg
 Max. wheel power:  
 Max. power:  112.4 kw (150.7HP)

Technical specifications Dynostar Model D50ECB

基本パッケージ ¥3,520,000〜

 Weight:  400kg
 Dimensions (LxWxH):  2.21x0.89x0.75
 Power requirements  230V 20A
 Air requirements  6 bar
 Max. speed:  300 km/h
 Drum width  0.25 m
 Drum diameter:  0.39 m
 Number of drums:  1
 Total inertia:  4.70 kgu
 Equivalent vehicle mass:  123.6kg
 Peak power absorption:  
  Max. power cold:  119.4 kw (160.1 HP)
  Max. power 3 min.:  55 kw (73.8 HP)
  Max. power continuously  42.9 kw (57.5 HP)
 Max. wheel power  
 Max. power:  119.2 kw (155.9 HP)

Standard features hardware:

  • Ramp
  • Front Wheel Adjustment
  • Mini- DAS Data Acquisition System
  • Dual inertia- disc
  • Eddy current brake (not D50i)
  • Advanced Dyno Station Software package
  • Junction Box
  • 37 pin cable (length 7m)
  • RS232 cable (length 3m)
  • Calibration mass (not D50i)
  • Remote control (length 2.5m)
  • Straps (3 pieces)
  • Users manual
  • CE marking
  • Emergency brake
  • EMC filter

Standard features software

  • Dynamic performance measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, Fast acceleration, Multiple speed. (Variable transmission and Multiple Speed only I/C with RPM module)
  • Static performance measurement (not D50i)
  • Acceleration test
  • Speedometer test
  • Weather station
  • Performance correction, conform DIN, EEC en SAE standard
  • Real time display of RPM, vehicle speed, traction, torque, horsepower.
  • Simulation of drive- resistance and air- resistance to create a real road simulation (not D50i)
  • Automatic calculation of driveline losses and calculation of the power output at the crankshaft.
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